Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wrapping It Up (12/22/13)

I cannot be the only one…who managed to fit in at least two weeks worth of work, chores, holiday to do’s, and family drama all in one week. I am not sad to see last week go, but before I kick it on it’s backside on the way out, I offer you this weekly wrap up.

In a mad dash to finish all of my holiday gift shopping, I made the foolish decision to visit the Downtown Disney shopping mall, my good intentions turned sour when I spent forty-five minutes being waved through overcrowded streets by white gloved wearing police officers, and did not ever make it to the parking lot.  So I would like to officially apologize to all the children in my family who love Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the Disney gang, because none of them are in your Christmas future, sorry kiddos.

The fantastic Mr. Sonny Boy has been a mess this past week and I’m not talking about the usual dirty clothes and face.  One wobbly tooth made it’s great escape from the confines of his jaw and the tooth fairy borrowed five bucks from my wallet but left her calling card, how does that even happen. 

Next Sonny Boy introduced us to the peculiar case of the swollen earlobe that deemed a trip to the good ole doctor and the bumbling pharmacist (you can read more about this ear mystery here: A Bug Bite or an Allergic Reaction? What is it?).

Finally, to wrap his physical ailments up in a bright red bow, after driving to Sonny Boy’s most beloved eatery, Denny’s, he stepped out of the car and let us know he was about to throw up.  This unprovoked vomit perplexed us enough to hop back in the car and bring him right back home where he did in fact boot, which he followed up with a perfectly healthy song and dance routine (he was right back to his normal self the rest of the day).

All right my fellow family forewomen (or foremen, I can dig it), we are on the final holiday stretch…just a couple of days to go and then we face the joy of finding ways to entertain our school-less children for one more week until that wonderful day when the school re-opens it's doors.

Until next time…

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