Thursday, May 23, 2013

Facebook Welcomes Idiots

I cannot be the only one...who has noticed that their "friends" on Facebook post stupid things about themselves.  Now, I am not referring to the typical child dressed in the "Big Brother in the Making" tee-shirt to share with the world that their family is about to welcome a new brother or sister, no I am talking about lying on the phone to friends and then spilling the beans for all to see on the ole FB.

We are attempting to move some of our furniture from the storage unit into our house and of course are in need of man power to pull this off.  My husband, being the one who is in contact with the man power section of our friends, asked for a bit of help. One of these friends said how much he would love to help out but of course had to check with the old lady first, then returned the call denying his help because his wife reminded him of plans they had as a family that same weekend. Well the weekend is here and I see on Facebook this morning this same friend posted, "I am single daddy this weekend, the wifey is out of town, help the children have me outnumbered", aside from this just being a lame quote, I thought his family plans specifically included the whole family.  So he never truly asked his wife or he just sold her out, either way he made himself the great liar of the day.

I cannot be the only one who has seen the decline in their friends intelligence thanks to Facebook...can I?

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