Friday, December 13, 2013

Bring on the Weekend

I cannot be the only one…who loves a Friday. I love the feeling of knowing that I have two days ahead of me sans alarm clock, not freezing in the kindergarten line up first thing in the morning, and having an extra set of hands to help me with the distinguished Sonny Boy.

Ah, the possibilities, maybe I’ll take the dog for an extra long walk while listening to one of my favorite podcast, like Keith and the Girl or Adam Carolla Show, and have one of those, "laugh out loud alone in public- hope no one thinks I'm crazy,"moments.

I could hit the stores early, before the normal after school rush gets there with their runny nosed tantrum throwing toddlers, and get a little more of my Christmas purchases finished, lessening the weight of that holiday shopping elephant sitting on my shoulders.

I could scramble up someone to sit on the fantastic Mr. Sonny Boy while the Hubby and I check out a movie, we could sip diet sodas (possibly spiked with something if we are feeling really rebellious) and snack on crazily over priced popcorn in the dark for a couple of hours.

These things all sound great, but the truth is I will wake up at the same time as usual even without the alarm blasting its pesky tone, I will see a dusty end table and feel the need to get out the dust cloth, and I will wind up taking care of Sonny Boy just the same as always…well, maybe not exactly the same as always, there will be wine involved (it is the weekend after all).

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