Sunday, December 29, 2013

Looking Forward (12/29/13)

I cannot be the only one…who feels like they have been wrapping (and unwrapping…pun intended) this past week up for days now.  A holiday in the middle of the week, mixed with cookies and cocktails, can throw a Mama off her game.  I have offered reflections of this Christmas, our attempt to find the perfect balance in the right amount of time spent with everyone and the need to nap in order to recover from the holiday run around, so I’ll save you the repeat (if you somehow missed it, you can catch up here: Its Said and Its Done).   

In place of giving you the weekly low-down of my small family of three, this week I offer you why I am excited about the one holiday I can really get behind, New Years Eve.  I haven’t had a moment to put pen to paper and cement my resolutions in stone, but I can guarantee that there will be many for me.  I love the idea that with the tick-tock of the clock striking the midnight hour on January 1st we get a chance to do better and be better in the coming year. We can be better parents, be better members of our community, for some of us be better cooks (that one is definitely specific to me), and be better to ourselves (we all deserve that).

So Cheers to upcoming week and Happy New Years!

Until next time…


  1. Happy New Year to you. I look forward to reading more of your posts about being a mom and Sonnyboy in 2014.

  2. Thanks Marcia!
    I am sure there will be plenty more stories to share with you.
    Cheers to 2014!

  3. Happy New Year :) I'm looking forward to checking out your resolutions when you have them posted.