Friday, December 6, 2013

Young Couples...Really Young

I cannot be the only one....who thinks it is more ridiculous than it is cute when people try to couple up your child with another youngster.  I know you've all heard it before as well, the "Oh look, those two really like each other," or "what a cute little couple they make," and I am sure, like me, you have smiled while nodding, but really the whole time your thinking how silly the suggestion is.

While digging in the sand at the park during a play date with a girl from his kindergarten class, my Sonny Boy and the Sweet Girl were subjected to this particular form of annoyance from two ladies sitting near by.  These two busy bodies watched our little ones, elbowing each other every now and again when something our children did really tickled them, and soon after made their way over to where I was sitting quietly watching the kids.  "Those two are quite a pair," one of the ladies opened with, and proceeded to tell me that they were sure the two of them like each other in a "special" way. I sighed deeply, smiled, and excused myself to go sit closer to the kids. Although, what I should have asked is if we should suggest the two kiddies plan a dinner and a movie date or maybe just meet for coffee first to test their chemistry, but I didn't. Unfortunately, my mom raised me to be more polite than that, so I let the ladies enjoy their daydream about my five year old finding his soul mate in the sandbox.

I know people are just being friendly, I don't think any less of someone for making the kiddie couple suggestion, but I can't help but wonder where that need to create a circumstance that's more than just friends comes from.  I want my Sonny Boy to enjoy many, many more years before he starts contemplating the twosome factor of relationships, I want him to take pleasure in friendships with boys and girls without labeling them, and I definitely don't want to rush into conversations about the birds and the bees (I am hoping the Hubby will step up his game at that point and break the news that the birds and the bees really have nothing to do with neither birds nor bees).

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