Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Interview with my Sonny Boy

I cannot be the only who…doesn’t really have much to do on Christmas Eve, thankfully my mom still puts together the big family shindig, so we usually spend the morning relaxing.  With all this unusual spare time, I decided to conduct an interview with the fantastic Mr. Sonny Boy, to learn his five year-old thoughts on what is happening with Santa now that he has officially started his magical trip around the world.

Me: What do you think the reindeer do on the roof tops while waiting for Santa to shimmy his way back up the chimney after stuffing the stockings?

Sonny Boy: The reindeer definitely play checkers, the elves made them the checkerboard in Christmas colors, and Rudolf wins almost every game because he has a sparkly red nose and has the most power. (How the power to fly helps Rudolf win at checkers is unclear.)

Me: What does Santa do if he has to use the bathroom while flying around delivering gifts on Christmas Eve?

Sonny Boy: He wouldn’t use a stranger’s bathroom, so…he uses the plants outside. (Well, this is just good safety, you can never be to careful.)

Me: Do you think Santa’s big black boots get stinky while he is out all night making sure all the children of the world have gifts on Christmas morning?

Sonny Boy: Oh yes!  I bet his boots stink like old rotten bananas. (Interesting...stinky banana boots.)

Me: Does Santa eat all of the cookies the children leave for him on Christmas Eve before they go to bed?

Sonny Boy: No, sometimes he is too full to eat more cookies, so he puts the extra ones a lunch box with a picture of a reindeer on it to take the rest home. (I am still unclear of where he keeps this lunch box, in his pocket, in his sack of toys, but Sonny Boy was positive it was always close at hand.)

Me: What is the first thing Santa does after he returns to the North Pole and puts the empty sleigh in the garage, makes sure the reindeer are safely in their stable, and kicks off his boots?

Sonny Boy: He puts on his all red pajamas with his symbol on them (a reindeer wearing a Santa hat) and takes an extra long nap. (The only reason Santa would EVER take is nap is because he was awake all night, otherwise Sonny Boy still stands by his view that naps are for babies.)

There you have it, what my five-year-old thinks the man in the big red suit is up to on this Christmas Eve, and I have to say he answered my questions with confidence and conviction, that Sonny Boy has sure got the low-down on Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas to All!


  1. What a great post. I love the idea of Santa going on the plants outside. ha ha!

  2. Thanks Marcia! The "interview" was a fun way for me and the Sonny Boy to explore his 5 year-old thoughts on X'mas and we had a great time doing it.