Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winding this Week Up (01/05/13)

I cannot be the only one…who is very excited to put this past week behind them.  It has felt like nothing but holidays, holidays, holidays the past couple of weeks, and as lovely as it has been I am ready for the good old hum-drum of the work week.

We rang in the New Year and hit the sheets about fifteen minutes after the ball dropped in Times Square on the eve of 2014, but the Hubs and I still felt exhausted (and just a tad hung over) on Wednesday.  A mid-week hangover combined with the lack of adequate sleep does not make for an enjoyable day, especially when you are the proud Mama of a five year old Sonny Boy who could run with the bulls and still have energy abound.

Sonny Boy is NOT loving this fish @BassProShops
After nailing down a sit-on Sonny Boy schedule with his Grandma, I had to rearrange the dates and times to accompany an unexpected meeting, a meeting that wound up being fruitless (well fruitless for me, but Grandma enjoyed a lunch on me to make up for being so accommodating).  Thanks again Grandma!

Finally, our little family of three made the pilgrimage to The Bass Pro Shops, which is only about eighty miles from our house, so the Hubs could spend it up thanks to a gift card he received as a Christmas gift (he got a fanny pack, he calls it a “waist pack” for holding his fishing gear, but I know the truth). It was a day of stuffed dead animals, captive fish in a fake stream, and bearded men grunting about waist gaiters and shotguns (I can't lie, it was pretty entertaining).

Only one day left until winter vacation is over for Sonny Boy (his school so kindly gave us this coming Monday off, you know, one more day so we can get on each others nerves just a little more) and then my life will get back to normal.  I am letting this winter vacation be a learning experience for me, the next time I complain about the go, go, go of the work and school week, I will remember how we drove each other almost to the brink of madness when all we had was time to spend together (also, how the four hundredth time you hear your child sing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer is no where as cute as the first couple of times).

Until next time…

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