Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday: A Successful Sleeping Routine

A peek at the few
night lights.

I cannot be the only one…who was shocked when my child moved past infancy and was still not sleeping through the night.  This is something that no one warns you about when you're pregnant, most likely because they don’t want you to jump off a bridge by overwhelming you with the REAL truths about motherhood, but when the Sonny Boy continued to wake us way past three years of age, I figured I would have a lifetime of exhaustion to look forward to.

I did all the things sleep deprived parents do in an attempt to make their child’s trip to dreamland as smooth as possible; soft blankets, a white noise machine, even gently rubbing his forehead until he dosed off, but without fail he'd pop up at of that bed and refuse to go to sleep on a nightly basis.

Once we conquered the hurdle of just getting the Sonny Boy into the bed and actually staying there, we moved into the nighttime interruptions phase.  The waking mid-sleep was for all the same reasons as I am sure you've heard in your own household: a midnight bathroom break, a mono-eyed monster in the closet, and the thirsty thespian acting out an academy award worthy dry throat.

Although, lately we have fallen into a successful sleeping routine. Yes it involves a lengthy story, a three-song minimum, and a host of nightlights, but it seems to be working for us.

So, this Thursday I am Thankful for one of the pleasures of life that people without children take for granted, the blissful ability to sleep ALL the way through the night. Now, I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, I know this successful sleeping could fall through my fingers like sand at any moment, but for today I am grateful for a couple less yawns during the day.
These two could be joining the sleeping
routine at any time.


  1. We had the problem of early wake ups (5am) for way too long. We bought the owl (similar to the photos you posted). It really helps, now that the youngest got over his fear of this large face staring into the room. :) It's much easier to say, "when he turns green," instead of "when the clock says 6."

  2. Oh yeah, the early riser is a problem! We still have this issue...but only on the weekends, during the school week the Sonny Boy could sleep the day away (another one of life's little jokes :).