Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Back to School!

Sonny Boy looking happy & ready!
I cannot be the only one…who is thankful their child has gone back to school after a long, long winter holiday.

I could almost hear the sighs of relief as weary mothers and overwhelmed fathers dropped their children off at the schoolyard.  I could see the corners of the parents mouths turned up, readily offering a smile, caused by the knowledge that for at least the next five hours their children were using their energy for good instead of evil (learning and playing instead of leaving their toys on the stairs and pulling their little sister's pig tails).  I witnessed relieved parents on the verge of high fiving each other as they made their ways to their cars in the parking lot, never so excited to head to the office, to manage the wash machine, or simply sip a cup of coffee uninterrupted.
"Peace Mama, I've got amigos to play with!"

On this Thursday, I am thankful that Sonny Boy has returned to school to be embraced by his friends and teacher. I am also thankful this Thursday to return to my life of chores sans a five year old dragging his heels, working without a fifteen minute drive in the opposite direction to drop a five year old off at Grandma’s to be sat on, and the chance to sit down at my computer without a five year old saying, "Mom," "Hey Mom," or "Moooom," every two seconds.


  1. I agree! I'm jealous of what he's wearing! We're in a deep freeze so it takes even longer to get dressed to get out. And the kids have been inside for reces, so they're stir crazy after school. I'm so glad to have this morning off from mom duty!

  2. Sorry you guys have been having rough weather! Getting ready is definitely easier without the necessity of layers.