Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr. Fix It Does Not Live Here

I cannot be the only one....whose household is not well equipped for home repairs, short of painting or hanging a picture, we are lost among the tools we have accumulated but don't use (or know how to use).  Thanks to a home warranty this lack of skills for fixing a household problem usually only means waiting it out for a day or two until a repair man can stomp through our house in his work boots, avoiding all the spoken niceties the rest of us feel are necessary, and grumble their way through repairing the problem.  That is, unless the hubby gets into an industrious mood, grabs the red Craftsman tool box and sets to work, in which case trouble generally ensues.

This particular afternoon, I grabbed Sonny Boy and sat down at the dining room table to assist him with his homework, while my husband ducked his head under the kitchen sink to replace a leaky gasket (this gasket quit doing its job about four months ago, why the sudden interest in fixing it, I know not).  Soon the sounds of clanging tools against pipes, under the breath cursing, and strenuous grunts began arising from under the kitchen counter. Sonny Boy and I looked at each other, acknowledging our understanding that Daddy is not having an easy time fixing the ghastly gasket, and knew based on past experience this was not going to end well.

An hour later the Hubby popped up his head, threw in the towel (both figuratively and literally), and grudgingly told me the sink is now no longer usable and we need to call a plumber.  The rest of the evening involved practicing cooking and washing up the dishes in the small garbage disposal part of our sink.  At least I can never complain that everyday is just like the last, things change on a rapid basis in this little family, and we try to make it work (even if sometimes it takes someone else to actually make it work).

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