Monday, December 10, 2012

That’s Why It’s Called a Gift

I cannot be the only one…who remembers that gifts are just that, gifts.  I have no qualms with purchasing a Christmas present for a friend or family member that I think is something they would like or an item they didn’t know they needed until they received it.  In a recent gonzo shopping mission I walked the aisles of Target with family members in mind, and when I saw something I thought they would like into the cart it went.  To my mother’s amazement, who was with me this particular trip, I did not hither and dither over whether the person had mentioned the item in the past or had it on their list, I made decisions, and was committed to those decisions.

Now, I am by no means suggesting that you buy mittens and a scarf for your cousin who is a masseuse at the Four Seasons in the Cayman Islands just because they are cute like her, but if you know she host a girls movie night why not an air popped popcorn maker to enhance her hostess skills.  Taking a moment to think about the person you are gifting for and buying something for them that you think they will love because you know them so well means more than checking items off their wish list.

After this past shopping trip, as I was loading up the back of my Prius with my gems of Christmas gifts, I gave myself an emotional pat on the back for knocking four family members names off my gift list. While my mom, who only managed two gifts, was already planning her next trip out, let’s hope she takes my advice to heart and follows her instincts when selecting the next perfect gift.  I cannot be the only one who Christmas shops like this....right?

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