Monday, December 31, 2012

Loving The New Year

I love New Years Eve. I love the excuse to stay up until midnight on a Monday night and have one glass too many of champagne.  I have only gone to bed one time before the clock stroke the midnight hour on New Years Eve in my adult life and my excuse was a good one; I was very pregnant and couldn’t cheers in the New Year with a glass of champagne so I gave in to sleep. My husband does not share my enthusiasm of the joy of the end of the year but tries his best to appease me by staying up watching marathons of Sons of Anarchy or Breaking Bad, but his heart is just not in like mine is.
The reason behind this infatuation with ringing in the New Year is my optimistic belief that the New Year can only bring good changes.  The opening of a new calendar with three hundred and sixty-five fresh days to make better choices, love my loved ones even more, and be a better mom, wife, and friend feels invigorating.  I want to take on the challenges that have weighed me down in the last year and knock them down one by one in the New Year. The truth is that the New Year reminds me of what I already know, I have the power and positivity to change my future for the better.
I am sure for those of you in my husband’s camp, those who would rather sleep through the hullabaloo of the New Year, think that my positive attitude is annoying and to those people I say: hit the bricks! I like, wait correction, love New Years Eve and you better believe that December 31st at midnight I will be standing with a champagne glass in my hand, counting down from ten, and tearing up at all the thoughts of great things I will do in 2013.  I cannot be the only one who feels this optimistic on the eve of the New Year….can I?

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