Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Gift Recap: The Good, The Bad, and The What?

I cannot be the only one…who is thirty-plus years old and still shivers from the nightmare Christmas gifts of the past. One year, as an impressionable pre-teenage girl, I foolishly asked my parents for a stereo system for my bedroom. While visiting my friends houses I admired their compact disc systems with brightly lit radio tuners and the brand emblazoned on the front, “Sony”. Christmas morning I could barely contain myself in my bedroom waiting for my parent’s sleepy butts to get out of bed, when they finally set us loose like caged animals I ran to the fireplace hearth and found a nondescript black cube with what looked like speakers set off to either side. I looked from mom to dad wondering if this was the shiny stereo I had been dreaming of and my mom looked down at me and said, “Isn’t that just what you’ve been wanting?” As the good child I was, I nodded and replied with my thanks, but my dream of getting just what I really wanted for Christmas was ruined. (As a side note the closing of our local JC Penny Outlet most likely saved many children from disappointing “no-brand” gifts, thank you tanking economy.)

Now I have a husband who comes to the rescue of my broken Christmas wishes, providing me this year with something every mom needs, new UGG boots.  I have had many many many pairs of buttery suede furry lined UGG boots and the pair I received from my hubby this year do not disappoint.

The gift of a good meat thermometer means so much to me as I bbq quite often, and after all the word “mom” is in the name, which I guess is a subliminal message saying "get to cooking".  I hope this Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer with Probe I was given Christmas morning will eliminate the many frantic moments in the dark cold night I have spent hoping my tri-tip is on the good side of rare rather than the “moo” side of under cooked.

Lastly, my son received piles after piles of festive wrapped gifts, thoughtfully sent from out of state grandparents and cousins who live close by, and after everything was unwrapped I have to say that the gift of Doggie Doo was the winner that brought the family back to the dinning room table laughing and partaking in my son’s love of potty talk.

I have to say that this year did not disappoint any of us, with top shelf booze for the adults and plenty of Lego Star Wars for the kids everyone is full of consumerism contentment.  Merry Christmas gift givers and receivers, I hope all of your unwrapping moments was as fulfilling for your family as they were for my little family.

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