Friday, December 14, 2012

A Local Nativity's Demise

An extravagant, life size, nativity scene has been put on display in a beautiful park on the bluffs in Santa Monica overlooking the Pacific Ocean for many, many years.  This year a judge has ruled that the groups behind the nativity display will not be allowed to continue with the tradition because of straining religious differences within the community.  The Santa Monica nativity is one of my earliest memories from when my family moved to Southern California and is a truly Californian experience for those who have taken the time to walk along the bluffs to view the dioramas.  When I read the news that the nativity will no longer take place I started to wonder what other places and traditions from my childhood would soon disappear and was inspired to write a short article about it.  Please click on the link and read about my feelings in regards to the demise of the Santa Monica Nativity scenes featured on the Moms LA website:

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