Friday, November 9, 2012

Pop-O-Matic Bubble: Notes from an Old School Gamer

I purchased the first Christmas present of the year; although it seems early, when I saw the familiar “pop-o-matic bubble” I could not resist purchasing the board game Trouble.  Last year my son was delighted by the ease of competition that comes with the insatiable appetite of the Hungry Hungry Hippos, this year I am kicking it up a notch with the roll or pop of the die (feels strange to put it that way, but there is only one).  I have fond memories of my brother pumping a fist in the air as his nondescript blue peg stomped on my yellow peg and sent me back to the beginning of the game board.  Trouble is the type of game that can be played with ease while discussing your favorite scenes from the movie Goonies, or with fierce seriousness in a winner take all type of way.  I am already having visions of wrapping paper and bows strewn across the floor while my son and I pop away taking our pegs on their pilgrimage from their temporary home to their “safe” zone, and the victor of the game celebrating with a bit too much enthusiasm.
Trouble is the type of game I played as a child. Believe it or not we had video games as well, but a good board game stood the test of time in my childhood home, and I am hoping in our home by giving the gift of Trouble to my son this year.

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