Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lost in Regression

I cannot be the only one…that has a child that regresses from time to time. Which I wouldn’t mind too much with the exception of when the regression happens at one or two in the morning, and if the regression didn’t include physical activity in which I am the one breaking a sweat.  Besides the sweat and the early wake up call, after a glass or two of wine before bed, I have to will myself to not get frustrated. Mistakes happen, I know, but at two in the morning it feels like a brush stroke could irritate me, especially on day two of the same mistake.

All right, I am going to just get right into it; my son is wetting the bed again.  We had so many good nights, so many nights that I took sleeping without changing a bed pad and sheets for granted.  Now two nights in a row my son has awakened me with a longing cry for “mama” in the wee hours (no pun intended) of the morning because he has had an accident.  My first reaction is in sweet mama mode, after all when your baby needs you in the middle of the night, even though he is no longer a baby; you want to make everything okay.  That is until I started changing the bedding. The mattress is heavy, the bed frame is chipping away at my shinbones, and every stuffed animal owned by my son is in the bed.  My patience starts to tic-tic-tic like a bomb about to annihilate every plush snake, owl, and bunny rabbit that inhabits my son’s inner sanctum. I take a deep breathe, help him get on fresh jammies, and let him know that there is no other option than going back to sleep.  As I lay in my bed willing my blood pressure to return to it’s normal 120/80 I am searching for a reason why this happened and already planning how to make sure it doesn’t happen again tomorrow night, but I am definitely not getting back to sleep.

I know you guessed it already, and you were right, on night three at two a.m. the pitiful cry for “mama” starts, again.  I cannot be the only one that this happens to…right?

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