Monday, November 12, 2012

Food for Kids: Definite Diet Downers

I cannot be the only one…who feels like being on a diet as a mother is like a visit to the zoo during which you turn your back to all the animal exhibits, in other words pointless.  I have managed, after four years, to squeeze my way back into all my pre-prego pants through major changes to my diet, but it has been a long hard road.  Most evenings my son eats the same meals as my husband and myself, but there are a few exceptions such as pizza night.  Friday’s I make my son a mini-pizza that he can never seem to finish and I am sure many of you can relate to the amount of super human strength of my will that it takes to not give in and finish the rest of that itsy-bitsy pizza for him.

The idea of being wasteful is placed on the scales of justice opposite of the pain of not being able to comfortably button the top button of my designer jeans left over from the life before motherhood.  Just the other day it was a single dinosaur chicken nugget, it hadn’t even been manhandled by the boy, just forgotten and I left it sitting on a plate on the kitchen counter for three hours before I felt I could throw it in the trash.  It would have been so much easier if someone would have came along and just eaten it for me…in one chew my anxiety over throwing away perfectly good chicken dinos or eating it myself and ruining my diet would have disappeared.

I hope as my son grows I will be able to find the balance between looking the way I did sans child and the way I do with child in tow, until then I am sure there will be plenty more worries over whether the extra minutes on the treadmill are worth enjoying the cookies at my son’s mommy and me tea being held at his school.  I cannot be the only one who has a hard time with the ability to enjoy the food at child centered activities and being true to their diet….right?

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