Friday, March 14, 2014

Science, Cookies, and Songs

I cannot be the only one...whose past week was even more overwhelming than usual, although, I possibly think that about every week.  I was informed that my kindergartner would be participating in a Science Fair, we had multiple t-ball practices, and a bout of insomnia, all making for a joyous household. 

To escape my disgruntled state of mind, I took to the world wide web and found a little science, answers to my sweet tooth, and songs to help take the edge off. I offer you my favorite shares from this past week:

Simple Science for Kids by Kids by Mess for Less
After finding many kid friendly experiments that take an abundance of ingredients, could possibly blow up my house, or make a mess like I've never seen, I stumbled upon this Balloon experiment on the blog, Mess for Less, and was ready to tackle the Science Fair with Sonny Boy.  Please visit Mess for Less for even more great kids activities.
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The Ultimate Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Recipe Round Up by Create Craft Love
Considering the week I've been having, I am in need of a little sweetness, and when that sweetness is delivered in the form of cookies, it is not just needed, it becomes necessary.  These recipes, inspired by our favorite Girl Scout cookies, are a great place to gather some cookie inspiration. Visit Create Craft Love to acquire all the sweet details for these cookies.

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8 Spring Songs for Kids by Let's Play Music
I don't know about you, but in our house when things get a little tense, music usually lightens the mood.  We sing at bedtime, in the tub, in the car...yup, we are singing fools.  These 8 Spring Songs for Kids are fun and educational, check them out at Let's Play Music.

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This past week has been crazier then the craziest of weeks, trying to hold down the fort while adjusting to the new t-ball schedule and planning our upcoming science fair has shortened my patience (and probably my life by an hour or two, but whose counting). Please stop by these blogs to grab some science, sweets, songs, and possibly what's left of your sanity. 

Until next week...


  1. It's amazing how much impact G.S cookies have! It used to be the kids just sell them. But all these other links you're finding that connect to the cookies amaze me. I'm so sad our cookie season is over!
    As for science fair, "we" just finished ours. My son is always happy when his project is done, but it's hard to get him to do one. Finally, this year when only 1/4 was left to do, I said, "let me know what you need help with to finish," then I walked away. Usually I say, "let's finish your project, now" implying it's my project, too. Well, magically, he told me what he needed help with and we finished within 10 minutes,
    Yikes, next year I'll have 2 kids doing science fair. I think one will definitely do the balloon lifting the bag.Or maybe my boys can combine projects and try to lift each other with balloons.
    Did you see the photo floating around on the web of one kid's project that was titled something like, "how many minutes does it take for my parents to get annoyed with science projects?" It made me smile.

  2. Two science fair projects, yikes! You should probably just starting planning now...

    The Girl Scout cookies are connected to so many memories of my childhood that anyway to incorporate them in my adult life is A-OK with me.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Eek science fair projects can be a pain.