Friday, March 7, 2014

New Kicks, Quinoa, and Rainbows: Just Another Week

I cannot be the only one....who loves sharing their latest finds and I've got some great ones to share this week. Last week I stumbled upon a list of Rainbow Crafts to help decrease my Sonny Boy's boredom, a new Quinoa recipe, and of course a little something-something for us Mamas.  These are my favorite posts from last week that I shared on Google+ and Twitter, please visit these blogs and gather a bit of inspiration for your meal plans, kid wrangling, and closet updating.

7 Rainbow Crafts...and Learning Activities by Buggy and Buddy
Cotton balls, an old CD paired with a flash light, rainbow lanterns, and homemade kazoos- what else could you possibly need to keep grumpy boredom away?  These rainbow crafts are inventive and easy to manage, I love that. Please visit Buggy and Buddy to get the details on all 7 of the rainbow crafts.

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Quinoa Salad Recipe with Radish: Easy on-the-go Lunch Recipe by Our Family World
While I am a lover of Quinoa, I have no skills what-so-ever when it comes to creating a dish with it, so I could use all the Quinoa recipes I can get. Also, I feel like the radish is highly underrated, it's a cute root with some kick, what more do you want people? Please visit the Our Family World website for all the Quinoa details.
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Mizuno Hitogami Running Shoes by Parksdale
I am a runner, and as any runner knows when you find a good pair of running shoes you try like crazy to keep them for as long as possible, but that fateful day always comes when it's time to throw in the towel (or in this case shoes) and get a new pair.  These Mizuno Hitogami running shoes WILL be my new pair.  I also love running shoes because you can go as bright as you like and they never make your feet look big (unlike some leggings and my bottom).  Check these kicks out at
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This is it for me this week, I shared my dislike of school fundraisers (5 Reasons I Loathe School Fundraisers) and my favorite post, not so bad for a overwhelmed Mama with a demanding six year old. Please visit these websites and get inspired to craft, cook, and get in some calisthenics.


  1. Looking forward to reading the rainbow crafts. I'm always in search of new craft things to do with the preschool children I teach.
    I'm so impressed with how many posts you're able to write each week. If you ever want to share how you, as a busy mom, find time to write, let me know. You can write a guest post on busymomswrite.

    1. I am always looking for something new to do with the Sonny Boy, boredom runs rampant in this house.

      I am not always sure how I pull together any of the posts I write, but I will put some thought into it and let you know if I could make a whole guest post out my scattered ideas.

      Thanks for commenting, I do appreciate it!