Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday: To School On Time

I cannot be the only one...who is amazed at their child's lack of ability to just simply get out the door in a timely fashion.  Our school mornings have been hectic whirlwinds of velcro shoes, backpacks, and impromptu bicycle riding in the garage, adding up to a rushed and stressed out Mama that wants to throw in the towel.  Just recently though, I've noticed that it seems like we might have finally ironed out the morning wrinkles, and have been arriving at school ON TIME.

My good old dad used to say to me quite often when I was a child and wasting everyone's time with my distracted behavior, "Just keep living, one day you'll get it," to which I would huff and think, "Ok....but how is that helping?"  Now, I get it.

The fantastic Mr. Sonny Boy has an equally fantastic habit of doing everything and anything except for what he needs to be doing at that exact moment.  Like the broken record I have become, just like my dad was when I was a kid, I repeat the same instructions over and over, "Please put on your shoes and grab your sweatshirt. Please put on your shoes and grab your sweatshirt." Only broken up by the also too common statement of, "Leave the dog alone, put on your shoes and grab your sweatshirt," all of which was not penetrating those little apricot shaped ears of Sonny Boy's.

In the last month or so things have slowly been progressing, Sonny Boy gets dressed without having to be asked fifteen times, he eats his healthy breakfast of Cocoa Krispies without leaving his seat nineteen times, and has put his shoes on without being asked twenty-five times (I am wondering about alien abduction, but he hasn't complained about strange lights or large eyed beings in his room at night, so maybe he's just falling into it possible?)

This Thursday I am Thankful that we have been making it to the elementary school on time with smiles on our faces in the place of the furrowed brows and frowns of the past, and it feels good.  Hopefully, this trend in punctuality will last through the end of the school year (a girl can dream).

Maybe I need this guy to
keep Sonny Boy on track.

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