Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday: He Actually Ate a Meal

I cannot be the only one…who has spent the last several years of their lives in a perpetual state of begging their child to eat.  Not just the typical, “Eat your vegetables,” but a pleading to eat something, anything, even the one part of the meal that you were sure your child would eat (like grapes or French fries).  This has been a running theme in our house since the day the Sonny Boy was born (literally, read Mom on Mom Judgment, the see the section on breastfeeding).

This unintentional hunger strike has caused many an argument and a generally disgruntled mood in our house at meal times, but it seems that the tides may be changing in the sea of all food aversion.  The Hubs made a fantastic dinner with chicken drumsticks seasoned with Herbs de Provence (sometimes we use the fancy herbs) and Sonny Boy ate every last bite of chicken and asked for MORE.  

After I picked the Hubs up off the floor, where he fell when he fainted from disbelief, I put together another plate of chicken and snuck in a few bites of broccoli to add a touch of color to his plate, which he didn’t eat…I shouldn’t have gotten cocky, but he did eat a little more of the chicken and complimented the chef on a meal well made.

This night of peaceful chicken eating has repeated itself a few times as of late, a pulled pork tenderloin quesadilla and Greek turkey meatballs have both received Sonny Boy’s seal of approval, shown in the form of a dinner plate cleaned of all it’s offerings.

Could it be that we have entered into a new era of happy family meals…or is this easy going eating just a trend destined to fall to the wayside as so many positive traits have in the past? Either way, this Thursday I am Thankful that he actually ate a meal.

Do I have to move to France to get Sonny Boy to eat?


  1. I laughed as soon as I saw this title! Congrats on finding a meal.

  2. Thanks! It's been a long, rough road but progress is finally being made towards actually eating a meal! :)