Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reviewing the Week

I cannot be the only one…whose weeks are so full of things to do that they fly by fast and whose weekends fly by even faster.  Time has a horrible habit of getting away from me (notice how I don't take the blame for simply having bad time management skills) and before I know it it's Friday afternoon and I have so much yet to accomplish.  This past week was no different then the rest and we had quite a few things going on per usual.

Bouncing is hard work.
It was a gray and chilly day when the children returned to the elementary school in our neighborhood this past week, but there was nothing gray about the happy parents waving goodbye to their little bundles of joy, relieved to be sending them back to arms of the schools' educators (yah, back to school).

I “auditioned” for a freelance writing position at a local lifestyle magazine, I submitted a heart felt review of one of our go-to Mexican restaurants, and was accepted for a non-paying spot on the writing team.  Go Me!  I mean, kind of “Go Me,” I would like to make a dime every now and then, that’s not selfish right?  Although, getting my sea legs out there in the world of wordsmiths can be a valuable experience (I keep telling myself this to feel better about the fact that I am not getting paid, it's working so far...).

Saturday we spent the morning at a despicable birthday party, Despicable Me themed party that is, and had a chance to catch up with a group of friends that we don’t see very often, while dodging minions hyped up on twinkies.  The Sonny Boy had a jolly old time jumping on the bouncers, not eating anything but birthday cake, and screaming until his voice was hoarse.  I had a chuckle at how all moms become the same broken record while standing next to the bouncy castle as they remind their little angels to be careful around the smaller children, to share, and to take turns (and how all the dads haven't changed a bit, still drinking beers out of solo cups off to the side).

After today’s multitude of chores we will prepare to do it all over again.  After lunches are made and packed, laundry washed and folded neatly into drawers, and the last sweet glass of wine is drank this evening, its back to the same old same old.

Until next time…


  1. great post! I like the pictures.
    will comment back -
    Good job on getting on the writing team!!!

  2. Thanks! I am looking forward to sharing the opinion of my little family of three with our community at my new writing gig.