Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's Time to Wrap it Up

I cannot be the only one...who knows that the old saying, "when it rains, it pours," is as true today as it was when the first person uttered those words (probably between sobs and woeful wails).  We spent this past week getting knocked around by strong winds, the Sonny Boy took a vacation, and the Hubs and I got to spend a little alone time together (sounds great, right? Well...keep reading for the plot twist).

Southern California is a beautiful place to live, we have towering mountains, gorgeous sandy beaches, and about an eighty percent chance of sunshine year round.  Although, people don't talk much about the Santa Ana's, the hot intense winds that blow around this sunshine state, and the havoc they wreak. One of the side effects of these blustery winds is their ability to knock out the power, which is what happened at the Sonny Boys school.

The Hubs new best friend.
In the midst of working my way through the hazardous elementary school parking lot, watching for wayward children and moms pulling away from the drop off zone without the use of a turn signal, the school principal was frantically approaching the incoming traffic to let us know that the power was out in the school.  She also informed us that if the power was not reinstated before 10 am we would be called to retrieve our young scholars to take them home (also, without power). 

This, of course, was the same day I had an oil change scheduled. Every other day, I am ready and able to pick the Sonny Boy up from school if need be, but not this ONE DAY because the family wagon would be on a lift getting it's bi-annual oil transfusion. I sat in the dealership waiting room, checking my phone way more than normal, and imagining an abandoned school, empty juice boxes and gummy snack wrappers blowing across the deserted playground, and the Sonny Boy standing alone with a single tear falling from his eye, making it the worst oil change in history (which is hard to do, oil changes are the worst.  Oh yeah, the school got the power back on and the day went back to normal, bullet dodged).

Next, my in-laws picked up Sonny Boy on Friday afternoon to take him for a weekend filled with Pop-Tarts and grandparent spoiling, leaving me and Hubs to enjoy a little peace and quiet.  This peace and quiet lasted until Saturday morning, when the Hubs started sneezing and blowing his nose at a decibel level that shook the windows, which turned into a full fledged bedridden cold by early afternoon. So, I have been spending my weekend as the Mom-Wife combo on overdrive since the first sneeze flew the coup, serving peanut butter and banana sandwiches (yes, this is really what he asked for), Gaterades on ice, and Tylenol at a pace way to rapid for a woman who lives in a two story house.  Oh well, I guess we'll enjoy some time alone together the next time the Grandparents are in the mood to transform their lovely home into a Sonny Boy driven mad house.

Until next time....

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