Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wet and Wild Tames My Brows

I cannot be the only one....who sometimes questions their judgement while purchasing beauty items from the big chain stores, you know the Targets and Wal-Marts of the world, because how could products with such low prices work comparably to those that cost three to five times more? But the holidays are on their way and I can't waste an extra ten dollars on an eyebrow pencil, no matter how desperately my eyebrows are screaming for help, and this leads me to picking up these beauty essentials on a Cool Whip and dental floss run.

This particular time I chose a very low priced eye brow pencil by the brand Wet and Wild, it was less than two dollars, if that's not low priced I don't know what is. I had an especially difficult time making this purchase specifically because of the brand, Wet and Wild, is such a big part of my unskilled adolescent days of learning to do my own make up that buying this eyebrow pencil felt like a form of regression, as in haven't I matured past this brand of makeup?  So here's how I rationalized it to myself, Wet and Wild is still in business, they have updated their packaging, and have unheard of low prices, so I thought I'd give it a chance, besides my old eyebrow pencil was had been sharpened down so small that it was almost necessary to use tweezers to hold it.

I opened the rather long Wet and Wild Coloricon Brow and Eyeliner pencil in dark brown (or #652) and commenced darkening my very light colored eyebrows.  After applying the brow pencil I used a brow brush to insure a good even application and....my brows looked fantastic.  The color, dark brown #652, is a little darker than I am used to but my brows looked even and manicured for the entire day.  I say why not give brands that you may otherwise pass over a chance, especially if the price is beyond fair, this way if you are not happy with the product you haven't broke the bank. The Wet and Wild Coloricon Brow and Eyeliner is a great addition to my morning routine and will be staying in my makeup bag permanently (until I have sharpened it down to the sad nub that my other pencil was and then it's off to the makeup graveyard, otherwise known as the bathroom trash can).

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