Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Weekly Lowdown (11/03)

It has come and past, Halloween that is, and we enjoyed it to it's fullest.  Although, strangely my son's school did not do the traditional costume parade, instead the students wore their costumes on Nov. 1, yup the day after Halloween...I am still trying to figure out the thinking behind this.  I had a house full of Grandparents sipping margaritas while watching my little Power Ranger get treated to king sized candy bars from our very generous neighbors. Lastly, we had a great Saturday afternoon getting to know the other parents in our son's kindergarten class and eating hamburgers at a school pot luck picnic.

This is the list of the trends in our house from this past week:

For the first time, in way too long of a time, I have to say we had a great week!  I am truly looking forward to keeping this positive outlook going into next week....

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