Friday, November 29, 2013

The Aftermath

I cannot be the only one...who thinks the corporations that thought it was a good idea to make the day after Thanksgiving, the one day of the year that is synonymous with eating and drinking too much, the same day as the biggest shopping day of the year, are a group of evil masterminds. While thinking about these wicked geniuses I envisioned the consumer prepping for their Black Friday, I imagined it went something like this:

I pictured the deal seekers, getting out of their beds like bloated ninjas, passing the half eaten pumpkin pie still on the kitchen counter with a lonely fork leaning off the edge of the tin from last night, on their way out the back door. These go-getter shoppers double checking their list in the car, making sure their credit cards are in their wallets, and finally taking a deep breath before putting on their seat belts. I imagined these penny pincher's making their way to the shopping malls, department stores, and big box stores wishing they remembered the Alka seltzer and Advil, all the while trying to not be pushed or have their toes trampled on. These masters of bargain hunting finally reaching the blue ribbon at the end of the race, a half price flat screen or a deeply discounted video game system, and sighing in relief that the whole fiasco was worth it.

To these shopper I wish you successful shopping and fantastic deals, but for me I am going to sit, think about the creative ways I will use those leftovers to over-stuff myself again today, and watch holiday movies on t.v (that I will ruin for everyone else by saying my favorite lines out loud). That is how I will be spending my Thanksgiving aftermath; stuffed, using minimal brain waves, and never putting on a pair of shoes.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I hope you had a relaxing day.

  2. Thanks Marcia!
    I did have a relaxing day...until the hubby made me put shoes on to walk the dog (he obviously doesn't read my blog, otherwise he would have known better).