Sunday, November 10, 2013

On To The Next (11/09)

I cannot be the only one....who notices the depressing pattern of one good week followed by a not-so-good week, into a bad week, and so on.  Unfortunately, we just had a not-so-good week with one too many time outs caused by horribly awful listening skills demonstrated by my son, take for example:

Mom: "Son, please remember your manners and ask for things politely."
Son: "Okay Mom. Give me a juice."
Mom: "Huh...didn't I just say...."

While picking up sonny boy from school his teacher let us parents know, with an expression of pure disgust, that one of the kids threw up on the rug, so we may want to wash their hands when we get home.

In an attempt to lighten the load a bit, the grandparents picked up our sonny to give us a day alone, of which we spent buying groceries, watching Homeland and Sons of Anarchy, and going to bed early (we have real wild streaks in us).

Here are the trends from the home front this week:

As usual, I am looking forward to facing next week with an attitude of "it can only get better," and it better.

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