Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kissing Kindergartners?

I cannot be the only one....who is shocked by some of the things my son tells me that is going on amongst his group of kindergarten friends. Usually it is age appropriate, breaking crayons in half to prove their strength or collecting broken pencils found of the playground, but last night he told me something I found kind of annoying (I would like to use a word like shocking or worrisome, but that's truly not how I feel about this...although maybe I should).

While eating dinner yesterday evening, between my begging my son to take a bite of something on his plate, he asked if I wanted to hear a secret.  Obviously the answer was yes, so I stopped browsing through the news on my iPad to give him my full attention, and this is what he had to say (I've changed the names to protect the innocent and the story is sort-of more fun this way):

Sonny Boy: "Chandler told me that Ross told him that Joey kissed a girl....(wait for it) ON THE LIPS!"

Me: "What? Where did this happen?"

Sonny Boy: "At school, on the playground, while the teacher was getting food."

Now, you should know that I take pride in trying to put myself back into my shoes as a five year old in an attempt to remember how I felt in certain situations before judging or reprimanding, but I definitely was NOT kissing boys (on the lips no less) as a Kindergartner.  I had to gently explain to my gossip monger of a son a few things about girls and kissing: first, there is plenty of time to talk about kissing girls and kindergarten is too soon, secondly, it is not polite to talk about other people, and thirdly, there is supposed to be no touching each other on the playground and this includes another person's lips.

This is already happening, I know people talk about our children maturing early because of GMO's and obesity, but come on! Yesterday I was especially thankful that I have a son because if I was the mother of a girl (and particularly that girl, the Kissing Kindergartner) I would be even more of a motherly mess than I am now.

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