Friday, November 22, 2013

I Used to Have Style...Now I Have a Child

I cannot be the only one....who used to have style, I'm talking up on the trends, shopped at fashionable stores, and thought of my wardrobe as something of an investment. Now, as a mom, all of that knowledge of what was haute has disappeared and has been replaced with a mastery of all the latest Lego sets, which doesn't quite compliment my outward appearance in the same way.

I remember the days, pre-Sonny Boy, that I would dress for work, and by dress I mean an outfit, accessories, and shoes (not practical shoes, but shoes that were uncomfortable and looked great). I loved going out on the weekend because it was an excuse to wear the clothes that were too fancy for work, even though I knew Sunday morning my feet would be killing me from being out and about in heels all evening.  Now, post Sonny Boy, I would say my style is...utilitarian, I dress for the occasion and most of those occasions are picking up and dropping off at school, playing in the park, and unfortunately a wealth of cleaning up.  I stay away from those fancy duds in my closet in fear of ruining those fabulous blouses with chocolate covered hands or sloppy faced hugs and then I would have no reason to keep all those fancy rags with memories embedded in their threads.

Please do not get me wrong, I know there are mama's out there that are bringing it with the fashion and climbing trees with their children (well, maybe not climbing trees per se, but you get my gist).  I see some of the mom's at Sonny Boy's school in full fashion regalia: dresses, coats, tights and boots looking fantastic, so maybe it's not the mom in me that moved my flair for fashion to the back seat but just a natural change in what I am passionate about....which is now my family (and that passion takes a lot of work).


  1. funny and so very true! the fashoin sense is replaced by ..humph will this be able to suffer many many wahses? better buy something that will! ;)