Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Wild Week in the Wind (11/24/13)

I cannot be the only one...who can imagine the pages of the 2013 calendar blowing and tearing off quickly racing us to the end of the year.  We are on the last stretch of the year, it is time to eat too much, imbibe more than usual, and get gifty with the ones we love.

This past week flew by just like those calendar pages I was imagining, the hubby had a minor procedure and has been couch bound making my life a tiny bit more difficult than usual (well maybe a lot more difficult), but hopefully will be back at work on Monday, fingers crossed.

Sonny Boy's school had their Thanksgiving extravaganza, every student was asked to donate a specific food item, for us it was King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, and of course Sonny Boy ate...nothing.  Picky eaters and Thanksgiving is not a great mix, I can already see myself making him a grilled cheese this coming Thanksgiving.

my little Indian chief
Lastly, we have been hiding in the house from ridiculous winds, the type of winds that are knocking down our outdoor furniture, ripping all the leaves off my plants, and causing sneezing in conjunction with a delightful running nose (this is a Southern California fall weather charm).

Here are the household trends for this last week:

Here we go folks, Thanksgiving is next week and as much as we all enjoy the turkey and the literally stuffing of the turkey and ourselves, this means that the race to the holidays is officially on.  Get ready to add more shopping to your already busy weekly to-do list...

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