Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Week in Review (11/17/13)

I cannot be the only one....whose week flies by quicker than they can believe, trust me I am not
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complaining, the faster we get to the weekend the better, but the tide of weekday activities leave me worn out. This week Sonny Boy's school had their character awards, of which he was not a recipient, and I had to explain the joys of how "not everyone can be a winner." Thanks school! 

A coyote made an appearance on the kindergarten playground on our way to class on Friday, us moms rounded up our little ones in the face of wild animal. Granted this wild animal was most likely looking for rabbits, not children, but I guess you can never be too safe (side note: it looked nothing like the picture, but would have been much more exciting if it did). 

We were shown exactly what it means to be neighborly when ours came over this weekend, with their two daughters in tow, to help us fix the leaky kitchen sink. Thanks neighbors (this thank you includes NO sarcasm)!

These are the main topics spinning around in our household atmosphere this week:

We are heading into the last week of school before the Thanksgiving week of vacation (how did this happen?) and are going to make it another good one....even if we find ourselves fighting off wild animals to get an education....look out coyotes these kids need to learn!

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