Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Found a Good One in Rimmel

I cannot be the only one...who loves fancy cosmetics, I love the care given to the packaging, the pleasant smells, and of course the great quality of designer makeup.  Unfortunately, my budget isn't always prepared for a fourteen dollar wand of mascara which leads to me walking up and down the three or four cosmetic aisles at Target with a blank stare on my face.

On this particular mind meld trip up and down the cosmetic aisles I was in the market for a new mascara, a staple my blonde eyelashes cannot live without, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of choices.  Did I want waterproof, black brown, lash extender, or my lashes to be "blasted" (what does that even mean)?  This is what I did know, I wanted black, not waterproof, and I like a fat brush on the end of my wand, those skinny rubbery wands to not give my lashes the drama they are attempting to communicate to the world.  So with these parameters I resumed my search and came upon the Rimmel London display, the mascaras were presented in neon color tubes and one was boasting a nice puffy looking brush within it's indiscreet orange tube, Rimmel ScandelEyes Mascara in Black.  The price, $5.49, was well within my budget, so I threw the mascara into my cart next to the mouthwash and Cheerios.

The following morning, I stepped out of the shower feeling that little thrill you get when you know your are going to try a new cosmetic, and I grabbed the very easy to see, street cone orange, Rimmel ScandelEyes mascara ready to beautify myself.  I pulled out the exaggerated wand, dipped it in and out of the mascara tube a few times, and was ready to apply.  The Rimmel ScandelEyes went on very smooth, had great coverage with only a pass or two across my lashes, and definitely made my lashes appear fuller as well as longer.  Here is my favorite part, by the end of the day I was smudge free, after allergic watery eyes and a nap (yes, I said nap).  Needless to say I recommend the Rimmel ScandelEyes as one of the best drug store mascaras I have yet to try.

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