Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dear Netflix, Thank You for the New Girl

New Girl
photo credit: netflix.com
I cannot be the only one...who was late to jump on the party bandwagon that is the series New Girl.  I don't watch a single network television program, not one, I find the writing pandering to the unintelligent, the lack of vocabulary that is even remotely adult is annoying, and the need to stay safely away from anything that may offend is a literal turn off (as in I turn of the t.v.).  With this said, you can imagine my shock when browsing Netflix I decided to give the New Girl a whirl and found myself laughing out loud as well as feeling a connection with the well written and enjoyable to watch characters.

Since New Girl is currently on season three, I feel a long description of the show is unnecessary, so in its place I am offering up my top five reasons you should be watching New Girl:

5. Hello, it's on Netflix, that means no commercials, and that ultimately makes every show better right out the gate.

4.  Zooey Deschannel is the epitome of the quirky attractive girl who risks looking stupid to get a laugh, and the male characters are modern molds of the classic grumpy one, d-bag one, and the every guy one.

3.  New Girl includes smash cut flash backs that give you a great perspective of who the characters really are (example: a chubby ten year old Jess singing Surrender while performing a tap dance routine in an effort to stop her parents from arguing).

2. The New Girl lexicon is fantastic, you can glean funny new words like "sexcetary" or "manbulance," both not useful in daily life, but what do you learn from a sitcom that is, really?

1. New Girl is, in my opinion, the new Friends, there is the "will they or won't they" story line happening between two main characters, their antics are purely comical, and the dialog will keep you coming back for more.

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