Monday, October 21, 2013

An Attitude Adjustment at the ER

I cannot be the only one....who has realized that spending the early morning (into the afternoon, late, late into the afternoon) in the emergency room can bring forth some realizations.  Thankfully this visit was at my expense, not my five year old son's, but when that ER doctor starts listing the multitude of test you will undergo while you are their patient, one really starts to second guess that decision to head into the Hospital parking lot.

I managed to get myself in this uncomfortable position, on the squeaky adjustable hospital mattress, because I had had a run of migraines for four consecutive days. Along with skull splitting pain, my migraines are accompanied by fun squiggly lines in my vision, which obviously makes it difficult to manage a small child.  A quick call to our doctors office confirmed that I would need to visit the ER, a necessary trip to determine if my brain is possibly swelling to the size of a watermelon (my fear not theirs), and with this determination I was left trying to figure out how I can manage my son and a trip to the hospital. I called my mom, set her in motion, and before I knew it my brother had picked up my son and my mom was driving me to the closest ER.

As I lay, freezing, hooked up to monitors and an IV, I looked at my mom and was so thankful that this thirty-five year old woman had her mommy to pitch in when I need her the most.  I started thinking about the little things that drive me nuts about my family, the inequalities that I feel exist between the grandchildren sometimes or the disappointed faces I get when we can't make it to every get together, but at that moment, sitting in the ER with my mom, I knew it was worth letting all those petty things go. That Emergency Room visit gave me good reason to wipe the slate clean of any tally marks I'd been keeping of disgruntled feelings about my family and started new once again, so although I left reeling from a healthy dose of pain killers, I had a new outlook on the importance of family.

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