Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcome Home

I cannot be the only one…who has returned home from a trip with their child to find their husband did not keep up the house while you were away.  I am not asking for much, not major home repairs or cleaning the venetian blinds strip by strip, I just asked for the house to have food so I would not have to visit the market upon my return.  After a glorious five days out of town I returned to a house that was void of any coordinating items that a meal would make.  I asked my defensive husband if he bought groceries while we were away and answered as only a husband could, “Sure, but I ate them while you were gone.”  Huh? How that qualifies for making sure when Junior and I returned that I wouldn’t have to make a trip to the market I know not, but in his manly way it made perfect arithmetic.  Off to the market I go, with recyclable totes in hand, a bad case of jetlag, and whatever cash still remains from our trip.  Welcome home loving wife…back to life as usual, I cannot be the only one who knows there truly is no rest for the weary…right?

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