Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Simply Irritated

This morning I felted irked.  Annoyed with my son asking me a question every other minute and making potty noises in between the questions.  Irritated with my mother’s insistence that the word “breaked” is in fact a word, and if it is not in the dictionary it is because those sneaky scholars have a tendency to remove perfectly good words on a whim. Frustrated with my car insurance company that can only manage to get my monthly bill to me two days before it is due date but can get the pink reminder slips to me before the bill’s arrival.  This is the short list of the exasperating issues I was dealing with before nine a.m. this morning and these vexing subjects were not putting me in a good mood to face the day.
Looking at the calendar I saw no womanly explanation for my lack of patience in response to this mornings annoyances.  I think for the most part I handle my son’s persistent talking and queries quite well, I pay the bills in time to beat the due date, and my mother’s grammatical mistakes are her problem not mine, but still there was something about this morning that made me consider a quick exit out the nearest window.
I think as a mother there are times that you are allowed to be at your wits end, even when you have proven yourself able to handle more than what is happening in the moment you are loosing it, and as unfair as it may sound sometimes just being the matriarch of the family is all the excuse you need to vent about the vexations of the day. So, as for today I resolve to be in a sour mood and I am making no excuses for it…I cannot be the only one who has days like today…can I?

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