Saturday, January 19, 2013

Frankenweenie? Yes, Please

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          My son has been begging to see Frankenweenie ever since it was released in the movie theaters, but between school and the rest of our daily chores we just never got the chance to see it.  Luckily for Junior, and my wallet, Frankenweenie was released to the “Red Box” this week, you know those big red movie rental units that are in almost every supermarket all of a sudden, and we were itching to grab a copy.  After an unsuccessful attempt to nab the ‘weenie on Wednesday, this morning we were able to reserve a copy, so Junior and I made a movie and lunch date.  We popped the Frankenweenie disc in the blue ray player, pulled up our lunch trays with a corn dog and carrots for Junior, and settled in for a bit of kid friendly gruesomeness that only Tim Burton can supply.
            For those of you, who like my son and I, have not yet seen this flick, Frankenweenie is a touching story about a slightly odd boy who looses his best friend, his dog Sparky, in a car accident. After which the boy, Victor, discovers how to harness the power of lightning, during an eerie display courtesy of the new eccentric science teacher, and uses this knowledge to bring back his lost companion.  Once the secret hits the playground, that Victor has successfully brought Sparky back from the dead, other slightly creepier kids in his elementary school class wreak havoc on their town attempting to reanimate their long ago lost pets.
          Tim Burton holds a soft spot in my heart, I remember seeing Edward Scissorhands in my preteens, the age when you feel like no one understands you and quite possibly no one ever will, and I made a connection with Burton’s characters who portrayed that same sense of being misunderstood. Burton relates that same magic of making a connection with the viewer in Frankenweenie, taking the odd man out, in this case Victor, and making him the relate able hero.
            My son and I both enjoyed Frankenweenie, there were a few moments I was worried the film may be a little scary for my four year old, but the truth is the movie shows just enough so you understand what is happening and leaves the rest to your imagination.  I am sure that Frankenweenie will join the short list of movies that my son chooses to watch over and over again, so I will be seeing a lot more of the some-how-still-adorable stitched up Sparky.

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