Monday, December 17, 2012

The Decision Maker: For Better or For Worse

I cannot be the only one....that is the prime decision maker in their family, from small choices such as the weekly meal menu to big ones like where we are going to purchase our next home. Whether I like it or not this mighty heavy burden falls solely upon my shoulders.  I am decisive by nature, as I mentioned in a previous post about Christmas gifting, and I do not like to linger on small details but prefer looking at the big picture.  The reason for this stern determination is a little bit of personality mixed with a whole lot of my husbands indecisiveness.

Voltaire said, "With great power comes great responsibility", and don't I know it.  I made the decision to purchase our previous home and for the handful of years that we lived there not a day passed by without a complaint about some aspect of our home.  Our two car garage did not have enough room for our two cars, the neighbors smoked on the patio and the smoke gently wafted into our living room, and the street was just too busy.  Although, I did agree with these sentiments I couldn't help feeling that they were all my fault, so for years I felt bad that I chose an unsuitable home for our family.  This morning I mentioned a home I would like us to look at and my husband responded by deciding we should forgo the viewing and simply offer thirty thousand more than the asking price.  That is just a small taste of the kind of decisions my husband brings to the table, sigh.

For now I will have to keep on keeping on as the level headed commander of our family, maybe one day a bit of this load will be lifted off my back, until then I will have to keep doing the best I can to not destroy our little world with bad choices.  I cannot be the only one who suffers from the responsibility of all the family decisions...can I?

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