Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 Things This Mom Wants for Christmas

5.  Fresh sheets on the bed that I didn’t wash and replace.  I love laundry day, obviously I am not crazy, it is not the loading, washing, and folding I enjoy, but rather that fresh washed smell of my pillow when lay my head down after a long day of life.

4.  No potty talk for a whole day, well I would settle for a couple of hours because I understand the parameters in which I am living in.  I enjoy a good dirty joke, I can use seriously bad language, and I choose rated R over PG any day, but my son’s potty talk can be exhausting and a small reprieve would be a nice change of pace.

3.  An uninterrupted shower.  Yes, this is something many of us would enjoy, I hear you fellow moms.  The water temperature will be still heating up and not even half of my hair will be wet when the frantic knocking on the door starts.  I sigh the heavy sigh of a mom that has been in this position many times before, soapy and dissatisfied with the ability to simply get clean.

2. An evening with my husband, but there is a stipulation though; I want him to make all the plans.  My husband loves to complain about the time we don’t spend together but overlooks the aspect of making the plans to spend that time he is missing with me.  I think that this may be too tall an order for the second place spot on this list but…fingers crossed he will read this and get the not so nonchalant hint. 

1.  Time with my little family that we have built and work so hard to keep safe, happy, and healthy.  So much of my time is spent split between the daily grind, my new job, and the mundane tasks necessary to keep our small ship afloat that the quality time we spend together is not always superior in quality.  I will enjoy the look in my son’s eyes when he sees the stocking full of treats from Santa, my husbands relaxed face after he over indulges in Christmas dinner, and the opportunity to spend time with all my family under one roof.

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